We as Knights have a firm belief in praying the rosary. This type of prayer is offered daily, weekly, before Holy Mass, for healing, funerals and many other types of prayer services. Catholics have a strong faith on utlizing this type of prayer and meditation to bring our prayers closer to God. 


Our Council 5192 in Devine holds Weekly saturday morning Rosary prayer at 7:30am in our small Chapel.


We Currently are offering a virtual rosary weekly. This rosary is held on Saturday at 7am. 


These rosary's are open to all who would like to attend. We currently have been very blessed to have the virtual one. As this has opened up for more people from all over to come together and pray.  Click on (ZOOM) picture to join Saturday zoom rosary 7am. 

Never prayed the rosary before?

No problem click on the pictures to view a couple of guides to help you along the way. 

Rosary Guide
History of the Rosary
Scriptural Rosary