Men's day Retreat 2021


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St. Joseph Catholic Church is holding a Mens day retreat. This day retreat will consist of fellowship, Rosary, Meals, parish and worish.  This past year of 2020 has been difficult on many people. As men are are looked to as a Husband, father, friend and a leader. This retreat will offer activities to help us on our journey of life. We welcome all men to this retreat and are excited to share this. May God continue to bless each of us every day. 

All men 18 and older are welcome to attned this day retreat.

Please fill out info below to sign up. This Retreat is free to all. 

Retreat Details-

August 14,2021 St. Jospeh Catholic Church


Rosary-07:30 am St. Joseph Catholic Church

Registration-8:00 am

Breakfast will be provide while registration is being completed

Retreat Starts-9:00am

Retreat End-3:30PM