FIRST Wednesday of each Month

3rd Wednesday of Each Month

 Meetings are head in St. Joseph Church Hall. Dinner/Social will start at 6:30 PM. Official Meeting will start at 7:00PM. With socail starting at 6:30 this allows time for fellowhip amoung brothers. The is one of the big parts of being a member of the Knights of Columbus. Helping each other as men to grow in our faith. We look forward to having as many members as possible join our meetings.  


This Meeting will be in St. Joseph Hall 7:00PM.


These meeting are open to all memembers. It is required that all officers and program directors make these meetings. Primary information will be provide during this time, along with primary votes on discussions. Memembers are open for input, but votes will be officers. 

Membership Meetings
Buisness Meetings

For more information about how a meeting should be conducted please check out the Knights of Columbus website.